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Mice and Rat Control

“Unconditional 60 day warranty on all pest control treatments”

As the seasons change so do the Pests. As the weather changes to a cooler climate these rodents try entering our homes. Some will be successful. The rodents I am talking about here, are the worst pests for a couple of reasons.  Mice are Rats not only contaminate our food, defecate anywhere, but they also can be very destructive to our homes. They can chew through walls, chew and nibble on electrical wiring. Some of these may even carry fleas on them and those fleas can establish themselves in your home. The mere presence of both mice and rat, create an unhealthy environment. 

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We use a proven approach to all treatments to apply the safest “scientifically proven methods” to eliminate the pests.

Green Heat NJ.Com, LLC is a NJ State Licensed Pest Control Company and is Certified in (4) Categories of Pest Control. 

We use a variety of “Pest Control Procedures” in tandem with a number of “Integrated Pest Control Procedures” to solving the issue and eradicating your pest problems. 

Our treatments are performed with you, your family, your pets, your tenants and your living environment in mind at all times.

Your Living Space, Health and Well Being  is our MANTRA.

Below is a partial list of our most common treatments:

  1. Bed Bugs
  2. Carpenter  Ants 
  3. Carpenter Bees
  4. Ground Nesting Wasps
  5. Hornets
  6. Mosquitoes 
  7. Rodents
  8. Roaches
  9. Termites
  10. Ticks

Our services at times will use Heat Treatments that will eradicate thermally using the power of Steam and or High Temp Heat/Air.

We use “low impact” products  such as Botanical “Dusts” and or “Food Based Baits” with “Gels” to eradicate pest problems.

Our baits and products attract the targeted pests like a “magnate”.

Call us now at 973-932-2092  in confidence to discuss your unique situation. 

We provide services to all types of properties on a case by case basis. There are no two Treatments alike.

In addition to our remediation services, we can tailor a preventative pest control plan for just about any type of property. 

  • Residential & Commercial
  • Garden Apartment Complexes
  • Assisted Living Communities
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hotel & Motels
  • Bed & Breakfast Inns
  • Property Management Firms
  • Medical Offices 

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