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Over 60 mosquito species are known to occur in New Jersey and virtually every conceivable water source fulfills their larval habitat requirements of at least one species.

FYI;  Only the Female Mosquito bites, Males do not bite and never feed on blood, only the female. The sole purpose of the adult mosquito is reproduction.

With some their season usually starts in April and by mid summer they die off, new adults will not be seen until the following year. Then there are other species in flood water areas where they have several broods per year and it is off and on at varying intervals throughout the season.

Mosquitos are unique in that they are the only pests whose control is mandated by New Jersey state law. There are two main reasons. One is the economic impact that mosquito infestations have on an area. The second and most important of all is the health risks the mosquitos present to the public by their presence.

Mosquito borne diseases are a real concern.  Eastern equine encephalitis  & St. Louis encephalitis are viruses that can be severe for humans. There are viruses that affects horses, and other animals.

Mosquitos have been said to be most dangerous insect in the World.

Today the “Primary Threat” is the Zika- Virus.  As time goes on we are now seeing this Virus and affecting more age groups as more cases become known.

Mosquitos not only threaten the health of humans as said above with encephalitis, but other diseases that attack our pets. Thousands of dogs die each year from “heart worm” which is a mosquito borne disease.

Custom Integrated Treatment Approach Adds To Effectiveness.

As with the Mosquito, the Ticks are a Major Concern Too!

They have two things in common, disease and blood. The other thing is that both male and females feed on blood. They also pose a life threatening danger to our pets as well.

These little creatures are carriers of disease.  Lyme disease first emerged in the mid 1970’s in the Towns of Lyme, Old Lyme, and East Haddonfield, Connecticut.  The disease is a life changing illness that usually presents a number of co-infections simultaneously.

Our MOSQUITO & TICK treatments are custom applications. Our custom treatment plan will be designed and delivered to reduce the risks that these pests present to you, your family, your pets and your guests.

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