Capenter AntMosquito CARPENTER ANTS 

Have you seen this type of ant walking around your home?

These wood destroying ants are either Red or Black and about 1/2″long.

In New Jersey we are dealing with the Black Carpenter Ants. If you see Black Ants in or around your home they need to go. They will destroy your home from the inside out, you may never even know they are there.

At first sighting service should be scheduled.

This is a picture of an ant crew in a floor of an unsuspecting owner.


Our Carpenter ant treatments use an integrated approach. We provide treatment to the inside and the outside of your home. 

Our proven treatment eliminates the colony and stop their destruction.

We use the latest scientifically proven products that focus on eliminating the entire colony once and for ALL.

In addition to providing outstanding treatment with an infestation we can provide expert repair work both structural and cosmetic. We have been doing cosmetic and structural carpentry repairs for over 30 Years.

Here’s the bottom line: Carpenter Ants  are a serious wood destroying insect that usually go undetected. If you see any signs of their presence call for an immediate evaluation and estimate!

The small cost of a professional treatment can save you thousands.

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