Green Heat NJ.Com, LLC is a New Jersey State Licensed Pesticide Applicator Business. We are a pest control business with DEP         Certification to perform treatments in (5) Categories.

7A General Household * 7B Termites * 8B Mosquitos                             8C Campgrounds * 13 Integrated Pest Management for Schools

By choice we try to use Green Products that are “Environmentally Sensible” in our Pest Control treatments.  In some of our treatments we use the power of NATURAL HEAT which is a 100% Green treatment to kill insects and their eggs.

Not only do these Heat Treatment eradicate certain insects but the process also provides a room purification. Heat is a very powerful tool and will naturally eradicate Bed Bugs,  Ants, Cock Roaches, Bacteria, Viruses, fungi and a host of others.

(Cited research available on request)

Our services in pest control & remediation are focused on being  Green and Environmentally Responsible, at same time being as effective as possible without using extremely potent pesticides.

We use the latest scientifically proven approaches to treating most household pests.  ANTS, CARPENTER ANTS, TERMITES, BEETLES using “Food Based Baits” Gels, Dusts, and integrated approaches.

We accomplish this by using “at times” 100% Natural treatments.  One of our Heating Treatments will bring a room temperature into the range of 132-140 Degrees Fahrenheit for a period of 3-4 hours or longer in some cases.

All our pest control services are provided quickly discreetly and all inquiries are kept in confidence.

Call us today for an immediate consultation  973-932-2092


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