Green Heat NJ.Com, LLC is a New Jersey State Licensed Pesticide Applicator Business. We are a pest control business Licensed with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

We are an Accredited A+ Business with the Better Business Bureau.

Safety, Effective, and Clean procedures are at the core to all our applications in all of our Pest Control treatments.  In some treatments we use the power of NATURAL HEAT to kill “bad” insects & their eggs.

Not only do Heat Treatment eradicate insects but the process in itself will provide a purification to the area being treated. Dry Steam Heat, which what we use is a very powerful tool that naturally exterminates Bed Bugs, Fleas among others.

Our services in pest control & remediation are focused on being diligent, successful and safe, while at same time being as effective as possible without using extremely potent pesticides.

We use the latest science of new registered and approved products in our approach of treating most household pests.  Some of our products are made using “Food Based Baits” others maybe Gels, Dusts as well as integrated approaches.

All our pest control services are provided quickly discreetly and all inquiries are kept in confidence.

Call us today for an immediate consultation  973-932-2092


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