Rodent Elimination & Control

 The House Mouse

The house mouse is by far the most commonly encountered rodent.

FYI:  The house mouse only needs an opening the size of a “pencil” to gain entry to a structure. They can damage wires, walls and floors by gnawing. 

Once inside your property they will contaminate food, cookware and utensils. They are known carriers of disease and a serious health risk.

Our Rodent Treatment entails a three step approach:

  1. Baiting.  A combination of different “One Time Feed” baits. These are products that are fatal after one feeding by the rodent.
  2. We will add ancillary tools such as scented glue tubes/board.
  3. We inspect areas the where the rodents are active and look to identify, and seal off “openings” where the rodents are entering.

Environmentally Sensible Pest Control